Exclusive Villas, Castles, Hotels and Restaurants for wedding receptions and special events.

ClassVenues is the selector of the most prestigious locations for events and dream holidays.
This is a selection about wedding venues, business venues, holiday locations such as villa,castle, hotels,restaurants, holiday farms that stand out for having exceeded 8 rating points in the ClassVenues CODE. These locations are the best wedding venues - business venues - holiday locations, the right choice for your wedding reception, birthday party, conventions or prestigious vacations.
There are also selected suppliers such as caterings, photographers, jewelry, marriage gowns and wedding dresses, event musicians, decorations, florists, hairdressers, make-up and exclusive tour operator for your honeymoon, all related to the selected venue and complementary to organize a unique event, like your wedding.
There's also a magazine where you can find articles of VIP weddings, unique wedding venues, special romantic places, the latest trends: the fashion about wedding dresses, make-up and hairstyles for wedding, jewelry and hottest gifts of the moment mainly related to marriages. Read about the places most sought or the locations lesser known where to organize a special and exclusive event or a dream weekend in vacation venues as a Castle or a Villa.
The locations presented are top class places in the planet, the prestigious venues selected by our consultants, certified as the top in the context of territorial reference. To be a location certified, Wedding Venues or holiday venues like Villa and Castle and Hotels and Restaurants and Holiday farms they must overcome the quality point of: Prestige, Position, Maintenance, Care and Order, Accessibility, Service, Professionalism.
Our consultants are expert Wedding Planners living in the region of the prestigious wedding venues or holiday locations selected. Consultant are useful in order to help, suggest and organize event, business or private, answering in maximum 5 days from any request.